Doctoral Colloquium

The aim of the IMP Doctoral Consortium

The aim of the IMP Doctoral Consortium is to create a forum for in-depth, informal discussions between PhD students interested in the IMP approach and experienced IMP researchers. The Consortium faculty will include Catherine Sutton-Brady, Debbie Harrison, Louise Canning, Simona d’Antone, Helen McGrath, Pete Naudé, Frans Prenkert and Chris Medlin.

The Doctoral Consortium will start with a plenary session, where key aspects of the IMP research tradition will be presented. Doctoral students’ project presentations and discussions will follow in small groups comprising of four students, with two senior researchers assigned as discussants. Students will have 30 minutes to present their work with 30 minutes for feedback and discussion.

PhD students interested in participating in the IMP Doctoral Consortium should submit a short version (max. 1500 words) of their PhD proposal by February 28 2018* to and

All submissions should include the following aspects:

  • Research area
  • Overall research problem
  • Use of theory and methodology
  • Description of (proposed) empirical study – if applicable.

This is a competitive process and numbers are limited to 16. Your proposal will be accessed by two members of faculty. If accepted you will be required to submit a full proposal (up to 20 pages) by June 1st 2018. This proposal will be reviewed by the discussants assigned to your session and feedback will be provided at the consortium.

Selected students must attend the main conference and will benefit from a reduced Doctoral student fee for the main IMP Conference which will also include meals for the Doctoral Consortium, but excludes accommodation costs and transport. Students should register as doctoral students using the main conference registration system by June 1st 2018.


We look forward to receiving your proposals!  And remember, places are limited!

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