Business Meets Research

Workshops and debate 5th September 2018, 13h30 – 17h00

with theme focus on « Key Account management » and « Responsible Purchasing and Innovation »

An integral part of the 34th Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Conference and Doctoral Colloquium (4 – 7 September 2018) hosted by KEDGE Business School at Le Palais du Pharo, Marseille

The setting and themes

As an integral part of the forthcoming 34th Industrial marketing and Purchasing conference, and in line with the main theme of the conference « From Research to Business and Back Again », the IMP Conference KEDGE will be holding two back-to-back workshop/discussion sessions on the selected themes in the BtoB area : KAM (Key Account Management) and Purchasing, Responsible Purchasing and Innovation, followed by a keynote speaker session addressing the question of industry-research collaboration at large in the area of management.

The participants

These sessions are open to both the IMP Academic delegates (included in the conference fee), as well as to managers and practitioners interested in the themes evoked and/or in the industry-research collaboration theme in general.

The format

The sessions will take the form of two consecutive workshops (one for each theme), each followed by debate and summary, of 90 minutes total duration each. A panel of experts for workshop purposes - comprising a KEDGE discussant and theme coordinator, a leading international expert on research issues in the field, and selected industry representatives, will introduce the theme, provide a rundown of the state of the art in research terms on the one hand, and suggest major areas of concern and problems encountered from a managerial perspective on the other. This will be followed by an open debate with the public.

The objectives

The objectives of the sessions are fourfold, and of interest to practitioners and academics alike:

  • To get up-to-date on the state of the art in each area, from both theoretical and managerial perspectives
  • To identify key issues perceived as being of critical importance in each area, worthy of further attention/pursuit
  • To identify possible gaps between theoretical and managerial concerns
  • To identify modes of operation and collaboration likely to enhance the bridging of such theory-practice gaps in the future

The formula

Participants to the main academic conference: no need to look further. Your participation is noted, you are registered, and covered by the main conference fee.

Corporate or other participants: access to the « Business meets Research » Workshops and debate is free of charge. You do need to register though as places are limited. Simply contact Angelique Nivoley at the address below:

The Programme

The « Business meets research » session will take place at the « Palais du Pharo », as for the main conference. Rooms will be indicated at a later date. The tentative schedule for the session is as follows*:

  • 13h30 Welcome and introduction to the Session and the Conference (Rob Spencer and Bernard Cova, BtoB Marketing team, KEDGE)
  • 13h45Workshop 1: Key Account Management in Theory and in Practice. What challenges and how to face them ?


  • ACADEMIC: Bjoern Ivens (Otto-Friedrich-Universitat, Bamberg, Germany), Sylvie Lacoste (Kedge Business School, France)
  • CORPORATE:M. Wietse jan Hilverda, Key Account management Coordination, Gemalto, France, Mme Sophie Ivens, Executive V.P. Global Sales and Marketing, A.W. Faber Castell Cosmetics GmbH, Germany
  • 15h15 Coffee Break
  • 15h45 Workshop 2: Purchasing today and tomorrow : managerial and research concerns. Past trends, the state of the art, and future evolutions.


  • ACADEMIC: Finn Wynstra (Rotterdam School of Management, ERASMUS University, Holland) ; Simona d’Antone (KEDGE Business School, France)
  • CORPORATE: Isabelle Bluche, Sustainable Procurement Manager, Groupe SNCF (France) & Steffen Bastholm, Supply Chain Assistant, Hydac A/S, (Denmark)
  • 17h15-17h30 Overall Summing up of Workshop/Debate findings - Industry-Research collaboration : Which way(s) forward?  - Torben Damgaard, University of Southern Denmark ; Robert Salle, EM Lyon, France


  • 18h00-19h00 Conference Keynote speaker: Etienne Bressoud, Director, BVA Nudge Unit, France
  • 19h00-20Hh30 Cocktail Dinner

*This schedule may be subject to minor change prior to the date

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